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What MakesNorthwest Arkansas Unique and why you should visit.

The Victoria Bed and Breakfast - Friday, August 07, 2015 | Comments (0)

What Makes Northwest Arkansas Unique 

Northwest AR is quickly becoming one of the best places to visit in The Natural State. Not only are the cities here growing rapidly, but the area is well-known for both urban and natural attractions, including abundant shopping, dining, culture, and art, as well as opportunities to explore the great outdoors with hiking, boating, and other activities. And if you're looking to visit the Bentonville, AR region, there is no shortage of entertainments to delight and amuse you. Plus, notable lodging options like The Victoria,  a charming Victorian-era bed and breakfast mere steps from downtown Bentonville Square and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, can offer you the beauty and elegance of another era. Here are just a few reasons to visit NWA.

If you're into the arts, you really can't miss the annual Artosphere festival, which is designed to celebrate artists influenced by nature and is presented by the Walton Arts Center. With interactive art installations and performances galore, not to mention both low-cost and free events, individuals and families visiting the Northwest AR region can get a healthy dose of art that inspires everyone to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and truly appreciate all that nature has to offer.

Of course, if you know anything about NWA, you're surely aware of the incredible motorcycle rally that takes place in the region annually. And you should definitely participate by attending the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ festival in nearby Fayetteville in September. With a full calendar of events that includes vintage car and bike shows, factory demo rides, live music events, a BBQ contest, and more, anyone who loves motorcycles, blues, or southern style BBQ is sure to find something to love at this festival.

And the annual Ozark Folk Festival boasts the distinction of being America's longest continuously running annual folk festival, dating back to 1948. With plenty of music, dancing, arts and crafts, the Festival Parade, and other events to attend, this is one you'll want to come back for every year. And you'll find that Bentonville, AR serves as the perfect hub for hitting up the many events and attractions dotting the NWA area.

Just make sure to book your stay at The Victoria early to ensure that you are able to nab one of the beautifully appointed rooms offered by this lovely and luxurious bed and breakfast. With so many popular events taking place in the NWA region throughout the year, accommodations can fill up fast. 

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