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why you should stay at a Relaxing Arkansas Bed and Breakfast

The Victoria Bed and Breakfast - Saturday, September 12, 2015 | Comments (0)

Skip the Hotel: Why You Should Stay at a Relaxing Arkansas Bed and Breakfast

Are you under the impression a bed and breakfast in Arkansas isn’t in your budget for your vacation or getaway? The truth is, a Bentonville, AR bed and breakfast can actually be a more affordable option than staying in a traditional hotel. It isn’t just the cost of a bed and breakfast that has changed either. The entire industry looks much different than what most people envision when they hear the term.

A Low-Cost Alternative to Traditional Accommodations

One of the primary reasons an Arkansas bed and breakfast may be your best choice is the cost savings you will experience. Even if the cost per night is somewhat higher than a local hotel, there are other ways it will save you money. Many of the amenities you would typically pay for at a hotel are included in your cost at a B&B. For instance, when you stay at a bed and breakfast, the cost of your breakfast is part of the overall price. In addition, you can enjoy Wi-Fi access, bottled water in your room, parking, concierge services and other food or snack options, many of which are included at no additional charge. When you add up all of these seemingly insignificant costs, you will quickly find a bed and breakfast in Arkansas is the least expensive option, while giving you the feel of spending time at home.

Greater Flexibility

If you’ve recently stayed in a hotel, you know how strict their check-in and check-out times can be. Early arrivals likely won’t be granted access to their room, especially without paying an additional charge. However, when you book one or several nights at a Bentonville, AR bed and breakfast, you may find the host or hostess asks you when you intend to arrive and what time you plan on leaving. This level of flexibility isn’t something you can find in most hotel chains, particularly without charging extra.

In addition to greater flexibility regarding check-in and check-out times, a bed and breakfast is more likely to accommodate any special needs or requests you may have. You may even find they are willing to cater to your social preferences. Perhaps you want an intimate dinner alone with your traveling companion. They can arrange for a private dining experience quickly and easily. Likewise, you can choose to socialize with the other guests for a different type of experience.

Staying in a luxury B&B isn’t something restricted solely to the rich and famous. In fact, today’s bed and breakfast locations cater more to the typical traveler than ever before. Learning how an Arkansas bed and breakfast can benefit over staying in a traditional hotel will show you the value of making this decision for your next vacation or short weekend getaway.

If you’re considering a Bentonville, AR bed and breakfast for your next trip, contact us. Our luxurious bed and breakfast can be an affordable alternative to your traditional hotel stay.


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